History of company Rutenbeck


2016 - 25 years FMT


FMT has been a mainstay of the Rutenbeck group since 1991 with production, manufacturing and logistics.
Continuous extension and expansion of production facilities, as well as investments in future developments, have been the driving force for the company and the region over the last 25 years.

On May 07, 2016, we celebrated this with a big party with the employees and representatives from politics and business.




2012/2013 - Rutenbeck-The fifth generation


With Alexander, Holger and Tobias Rutenbeck, the fifth generation takes responsibility. For 140 years a Rutenbeck family member has always been the chief executive officer of the company. With the entry of the three cousins,  ​​this proud tradition is secured for the future.


Alexander Rutenbeck, Director Marketing and Sales
Holger Rutenbeck, Head of Sales Force
Tobias Rutenbeck, Managing Director Marksuhl





At Light+Building 2012 Rutenbeck presents the world's first and only WLAN Access point for flush-mounting.




2012 - The fourth business branch "Multimedia" was founded.


The increasing amount of communication adapters and signal amplifiers in our product range and the newly added high-performance cable VGA / HDMI area are the trigger for the establishment of the business branch Multimedia




2007 - POF-Polymere Optical Fibre


With the plastic optical fiber technology the company has entered a completely new Approach in data network technology. Easy processing and installation without special tools characterise the Technology.





With line21 ® Rutenbeck presents for the first time a technology that allows using a standard telephone wiring also for simultaneous data transmission. Only the sockets must be replaced.






Due to the increasing number of products, particularly in the area of remote switching and alarm dialing devices, as well as in the data technology area, 3 separate business branches are founded.





Since the first Light + Building in Frankfurt's exhibition halls, Rutenbeck is an exhibitor.





With the Cat.5 universal connector units Rutenbeck produces for the first time data jacks in a Zinc die cast process.



1990 - Foundation of the subsidiary


In the year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a subsidiary was founded in Marksuhl, Thuringia, which expands continuously. Currently, there is the logistics center, as well as almost the entire production and assembly of data and telephone technical products.

"Quality products Made in Germany" is not just a marketing slogan for us.


1 Location "Vachaer Straße"

Expansion of the production site "Im Meilesfeld"





With the liberalisation of the telecommunications market and the end of the monopoly of Deutsche Bundespost the company has developed RUBIK, the new connection system for second- and third telephones, answering machines, fax-machines, BTX, second ringers and signalling devices.






Since 1979 Harald Rutenbeck has been leading the company as managing partner together with his brother Heino. Ever since Rutenbeck has changed from a manufacturer of telecommunication products for the Deutsche Bundespost to a supplier of products and systems for the information- and communication-technology.



Company buildings today


Niederworth 1-10

Klagebach 33



Company buildings around 1967


Niederworth 1-10

Klagebach 33



Company buildings around 1952


Klagebach 33



Since 1947 – the entry into telecommunication


The telecommunication –
the telephone line was followed …

… from the telephone pole …
… in the apartment.


A copper soldering iron with thermite-incendiary composition for soldering of aerial telephone lines.



Product range from 1947 to 1979


Development and production of parts for the automobile industry:

control buttons
window lifter
Borgward-Gruppe (Borgward, Goliath, Lloyd)

Glas (Goggomobil)
later BMW



Company buildings around 1942


Klagebach 33



Product range 1939 – 1945




Development Logo


Basics of the actual company logo are derived from chemistr.



Product range 1935 – 1939 Dr. Franz & Rutenbeck


Floor wax
shoe polish
tooth paste
shaving soap





The youngest of the three Rutenbeck-brothers, Emil Rutenbeck (1916 – 1979), lead the company  from 1935.
After returning from the second world war he also managed the company Wilhelm Rutenbeck.





1935 Alex Rutenbeck (1912 – 1935) founded with Dr. Hermann Franz the chemical company. Dr. Franz & Rutenbeck. Dr. Franz withdrew shortly after foundation. Alex Rutenbeck got killed in the year of foundation after an accident in the Company.





1939 followed the third generation. Karl-Wilhelm Rutenbeck (1910 – 1944) joined the company and in 1939 started additionally the production of press- and injection moulds for the booming plastics industry Wilhelm Rutenbeck got killed in action in Poland in 1944.





1907 his son Gustav Rutenbeck (1878 – 1952) took over the forge Company.



The first products


Carpenter-, locksmith- and bricklayer hammers, peening devices





Everything started in 1873 in Oedenthal, near Schalksmühle.

Wilhelm Rutenbeck (1845 – 1907) founded a business for himself and started the batch production of hammers and other tools.

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